Karmatech (W2 Media Cafe, Vancouver), April 7, 2012
photo by Kyle Archer aka "DJ Sixth Gear".    this is the space age ;-)

Valacirca (Squamish Area), May 30 2009
photo by Ian Tomas.    I love techno in the woods!

Pound night at The Drink (Vancouver), May 7 2003
photo and treatment by Ernst Schneider,

Commercial Drive Festival (Vancouver), June 19 2005
photo by Angelika

Diversity Festival (Texada Island), July 16 2005
photo by Raquel Fors

Peanut Butter Jamz (Vancouver), Mar 11 2006
I can't remember who took this, anyone want to claim credit? :-)

Alluvium 2006 (Elaho Valley), May 20 2006
photo by Ian Tomas.    A rare moment of pre-performance calm...

Transgress is Live PA (techno, breaks, tech-trance and downtempo), using lots of oldschool gear and a hands-on approach. Active since Spring 2002. Many references and first-hand accounts available on request. For bookings, contact

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Short Bio:

Transgress is the solo Live PA project of Peter 'Fish' Fisera (also of the live improvised techno band Inject). Fish (a proud resident of East Vancouver) has been meddling with keyboards and wires since the age of 14. Around 1998 or so, something strange happened in his head, and he began to foresake his first love (playing live rock and roll) for making techno; first in the studio only, then with a 100%-live solo downtempo project "Koolatron" and finally morphing into the sequencing-based "Transgress". Instead of the laptop that is commonly the heart of a Live PA setup these days, Fish uses Alesis MMT-8 hardware MIDI sequencers from circa 1989, along with a large array of both vintage and recent synths and drum machines. The result: techno, breaks, tech-trance, or downtempo; melodic and trippy, sometimes chaotic but rarely abrasive, and with an emphasis on original synth sounds rather than the expected.

Since April 2002, Transgress has played gigs at: outdoor gatherings with the Tribal Harmonix crew (and various members of the extended tribal family, such as the crew that became Episode 13, the creators of the In:Vision festival), on an East Van basketball court in the middle of the day to "raise hemp awareness", in the basement of Organix, in the Vancouver Planetarium as part of The Listening Room multimedia event, the infamous Orange Party, in a glow-in-the-dark bowling alley, smack in the middle of Commercial Drive... and yes, in the smokey clubs and late night warehouse parties where you usually find such music.


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"I'm trying to heal the planet through music, or at least spend my time trying, just because it feels more meaningful than being a stockbroker or something."
- Peter Fisera aka Fish