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Koolatron was my earlier incarnation before Transgress. This was a (usually successful) attempt to do downtempo/ambient Live PA using absolutely no sequencing, just whatever I could trigger with my hands and feet in real time. A few live recordings exist on analog tape, but have yet to be transferred to the web. Coming soon!

Koolatron++(Koolatron/Transgress hybrid)

I use the name Koolatron++ ("Koolatron plus plus") for some of my all-downtempo sets, as a tip of the hat to my old Koolatron incarnation, and the fact that my first Koolatron++ set was mainly old Koolatron tracks with sequencing added. I have slowly been adding more downtempo tracks to my Transgress repertoire, including some psychedelic and broken beat influences. Expect a downtempo version of Transgress, but with the same gear, same presence, and same trippy flavour. Yes, you can still dance to it (or some of it anyhow).


Don't forget, I'm also in the band Inject ( and we have music available online, and a new CD for sale too!

Arthur Ellis 2000

For my pre-techno roots, check out the prog-rock/synthpop/psychedelic/art-rock band Arthur Ellis 2000 at and revel in the madness.

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"I'm trying to heal the planet through music, or at least spend my time trying, just because it feels more meaningful than being a stockbroker or something."
- Peter Fisera aka Fish