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Paypal donations

Hey there [--fishness--] list users... GOATVIRUS.COM would be thrilled with a donation!

Hello, enlightened party people!

Well, the [--fishness--] list has always been a FREE service, both to those who publicize their events and to those who read the list... and IT SHALL REMAIN FREE!  I have had various well-intentioned list users try to convince me to start charging for this service but it isn't going to happen. Charging a fixed fee to receive or to advertise on the fishness list would be hard to administer and in general goes totally against my community building instincts.

HOWEVER... there are times that putting out this list takes many valuable hours away from doing my day job (self-employed and doing web development, see here for more) and therefore this list does actually cost me money to put out every week.

So... IF you are flush with cash at the moment, even in this weird-ass economic situation, AND if you have been on the list long enough to really love it, AND if you just happen to be feeling generous today, then... please fill in a dollar amount in the box below (suggested donation $20 but you can send any amount, just change what's there) and click the PayPal button :-)

No pressure, no obligation, no stigma if you don't.  That's not my style.



SORRY, my PayPal donate button isn't working right now, just log into your paypal account and send money to "" and that should work!

NOTE: if you don't have PayPal...

... but have online banking with one of the Evil Big Five banks, you could send an Interac email transfer instead, this only costs about $1.50 at my bank, probably similar at yours. I guess the devil gets part of your donation, it can't be helped :-) Or if you happen to bank with RBC, you could transfer it directly from your account to mine with no service charge at all. Contact me for details at